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36/365 egg

I did it, 20 classes this week  (Mon-Fri) at the Y!  Not 25 minute lunch break classes, but classes running from 50 minutes up to an hour twenty each.   There was one time when I was ready to give up, but even when our team didn’t need it, I finished one more class tonight because I knew I could.  It’s a small goal, part of my bigger goal to reach my goal weight.   Four weeks left in the challenge.  I can do it and am quite impressed at the strength within my tired aching body

I have to say, I am amazed at how much my body can handle.  I am amazed at how tired I am.  I am amazed that I could get down on the floor to take this photo tonight after getting the van stuck, swapping seats into my parents van, getting home,  having movie night with the twins, etc.  Even more amazing than getting around down on the floor to take the photo is that after taking the photos I was still able to get up on my own! 

You never know what you can do until you set your mind to doing it.  I’ve set my mind to this photo project and wow am I learning.  I know my photos this week do not reflect it, but things had to give a bit this week.  But I have 90% to go on the year and I intend to look back at the beginning of this year come December and chuckle at how much I did not know about basic photography.

What have you set your mind to lately?


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35/365 artists


The girls were working hard at an art project while I snuck in a bit of rest today.  18 classes at the Y so far since Monday and while I am glad tomorrow is Friday and the end of the challenge, a part of me will miss it. 

I’ve learned all sorts of things about myself.  I am stronger and more determined than I thought I was.  There is a bit of competitive spirit in me, and honestly before this week I would have told you I was one of the least competitive people out there.  My abs (though hidden) are probably my strong point while my cardio is by far my weakest.  The best part to me is how strong I have become in just a week and how it has affected my physical shape.  In just 5 days I am seeing some visible tone! 

Two classes tomorrow, one before and one after work and I am looking forward to both of them.  My poor husband and kids are beginning to wonder who this crazy, sweaty woman is that keeps coming in and out of their house stopping to snap a picture here and there.  Thankfully, I was able to arrange school fairly light for the girls and my MIL was here today and Tuesday so that the girls didn’t feel like they were living at the Y as well.  Saturday is back to life as we knew it guys…hang in there!

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I had planned on posting a beautiful picture of the sunset today.  I noticed it when I put the dog out the back door and quickly got my camera to try to capture it.  The colors were so beautiful!

Then I went to our local Y where I took leave of my senses and let some petite skinny gal order my fat…well, we’ll keep it family…lead a group of us in a training session.  I sometimes wonder if skinny, athletic-types know how it feels for us non-athletic type to start up something like this.  I wonder if they know what it feels like at over 200lbs to be jogging for 30 minutes or do more kinds of crunches than you even suspected existed.  I wonder, will she be here in the morning to help roll me out of bed when surely I will not be able to move.  I am so out of shape, no, strike that.  To be “out of shape” would infer that at one time I was “in shape.” 

Nights like tonight make me oh so glad that my girls are involved in sports, developing a healthy heart.  Two laps at the pool kill me,  the older two regularly do 20 laps three times a week aside from stroke work and diving practice.  The thought nearly gives me a stroke!

All kidding aside, our trainer is a really nice gal who has made it known she is there for us.  I am part of a team in a Biggest Loser type competition where the winning team is the one that loses the highest percentage of body weight.   She is open to talking with us about nutrition, strength, cardio, etc.  I would love to win, I need some exercise clothes and the prize is cash.  I am hoping to lose enough that the exercise clothes will be a different size.  Winning would be nice, but even nicer would be  to FINALLY get below that elusive 200 mark.  I lost 20lbs the first quarter of last year.  The last three-quarters of the year I put 5lbs back on.  Time to get serious about another 20 gone!

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Injury 😦  However, I am not giving up.

I am pretty sure it happened at work.  At least, it didn’t hurt until the morning after my last shift and has hurt since.  I slipped that night at the dishwashing station in some standing water, but I won’t get into that as I will get grumpy.  Regardless, I am at a bit of a standstill trying to decide what to do with the whole Couch to 5K.  I am pretty sure it is plantar fasciitis and I am trying to treat it at home with stretches.

I did start C25K week four a few weeks back and it was harder than I thought it would be.  I did two runs.  The first one I couldn’t complete one of the 5 minute intervals.  The second one I completed the entire thing and was quite proud.  Then this foot thing started happening.  Since then I have taken a couple easy runs.  Two week one runs with my older two girls, they are so funny to run with.  A couple week two on my own purely to work on form and keep in the habit, then another run with my sister (can’t remember which week it was.)  That one was my favorite though.  I forgot my music, but she had hers.  During the run we would concentrate, then during the walk we could talk.  She is out in Vegas now on an internship with Cirque du Soleil so it was really nice to have a bit of one on one time before she went.  Plus, it was in my parent’s neighborhood.  No traffic, quiet, nobody staring at you like your crazy, and part of it was even a bit like being in the country with fields on both sides.  I might run there more often, suppose the parents would mind watching the kids for 30 or 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, I read up on what to do about my foot.  We have a health savings plan (which I love.)  It really makes you think before heading out to the doctor because even though it is all paid for (100% of what the insurance bargains for you) it does come out of your account.  We are a bit more frugal about when we go to the doctor and what for because when that account is empty (which we have never ran it down to worry) there is a bridge that we pay 100% before going to a stardard 80-20 plan.  All that to say, if I can treat this at home I am going to.

AND, I am going to be much more careful around the dishwasher area at work as I am pretty sure that slip is when this happened.  I didn’t fall, just skidded a bit and every since the inside of my lower heel hurts first thing in the morning if I have been on my feet a lot.  With all the canning and preserving I have been working on I have been on my feet quite a bit.

So if anyone out there has tips for plantar fasciitis I would love to know what worked for you!

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You guessed it, I am still one busy gal.  Really, does life ever slow down?  School starts in THREE WEEKS!  Just in the next couple days I am going to my sister’s musical about 2 hours away, planning, making cakes, and having a small birthday party for the twins, and going to my other sister’s to paint (an hour and a half away.)  That will bring me to Wednesday night and I will once again be working I am sure.  I did give notice that once school starts, I am only working on an emergency basis only.  If they can’t honor that, I will have to quit as the money just doesn’t justify all it takes to make it there.

I did manage to squeeze in a run today (before work, after market/store/mom’s house.)  It was week 4, run 1 of Couch to 5K and it was not my best run.  This week they drop a good bit of the walking and it really makes it harder.  Hah!  I feel like such a dork saying it, but I’m not embarrassed as I really am pleased with my progress.    The podcast is by far not my favorite, he really slows the music down to where I can not keep stride with it.  My MP3 was acting up to, so I’ll give it another run before digging out the stopwatch for the third if need be.

Speaking of the market, I felt like I got a good haul today for around $10: beets, green beans, broccoli, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, lettuces, green peppers, and green onions.  The best part was that I rode my bike up with Liz.  I FINALLY have a basket on the front to put produce in.  We had to rig a bag of produce to Liz’s handlebars as my basket wouldn’t hold our bounty.  I like getting out with just one of the girls, it’s a rare thing to have that one on one time.   Need to  work on doing that some more with each one.

The twins turn three on Monday.  Wow, no longer babies, or even toddlers.   I’m sad in so many ways, but happy in as many more.  I miss the snuggly days, but not the sleepless nights.  Yes, in the last month or two we finally are getting sleep most nights.  It’s been a long time coming.  Potty training…meh.  they get it, but don’t want to.  We are out of diapers, though, so this week they have no choice and I’ll just have to really keep on top of them about it.  No diapers…goodness, let’s just hope they still take naps for another school year!

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Quick post just because I have a minute and can:

  • For some reason I am working four night this week.  This after being gone every evening the last two weeks for the older two girls’ rehearsals (they were in a local musical.)  My husband misses me, the twins ask everyday when I am leaving….I am not pleased with this.  Soccer starts next week, so it will be him leaving me for about 6 weeks.  What goes around comes around, right?  Oh, and school starts in three weeks and 4 days.  Enough said.
  • I have not been cooking much with the whole rehearsal and working thing, but I do have a very tasty salad I want to share with you as soon as I perfect the dressing.  I took it to a reunion this weekend where it was promptly devoured.  If you do not like cilantro, don’t hold your breath for this one.  Right now, though, I have a huge pot of chicken stock brewing.  My house smells so good it is near torture!  Stock is one of those things that is so easy you wonder why more people do not just make their own.  This batch has a whole chicken in it (minus head and most of the insides), the bones of another chicken, 4 feet (scrubbed and scored), carrots, bay leaves, sage from the herb garden, peppercorns, onions, and a bit of salt.  I’d take a picture and share, but the toenails poking up just aren’t pretty.  I hope to have 4 quarts of broth when I am done and I will have plenty of chicken to use in salads and meals.
  • Running is going well.  I finished week 3 of Couch to 5K and am looking forward to week four.  Due to all the being out of the house this last couple weeks, the running has done little to nothing for my weight, but I can cope.  On my last run, when my music told me to stop running for the last time I felt like going more and I did.  That was my best run ever.  I finished without gasping for breath, feeling like I had more to give, but knowing I worked my body hard.  I really want to be able to run all of a 5K and every week that passes I can see that being more of a reality.  On to week four which increases the running some, but also decreases the walking…that might kick me in the hind end.  The music for week three had a beat that kept me at a better pace, but I wasn’t fond of the music.  I hope this week’s pod-cast is better so far as the music. 

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I can’t believe that I didn’t update on here how I did on my race.  The whole family went to the small-town festival and race.  My parents, my Mother-in-Law,  my kids, and then husband, his brother, and Iran.  My BIL joined in last minute and it was really great to visit some pre and post race. 

I gave it everything I had and I wasn’t last! My finish time was 41:27 !!!!! 

I figured I could finish in 50 minutes, but made 45 minutes my goal.   I listened to my C25K podcast until it ran out and went to random songs.   The podcast kept me at the pace I am used to working at up to the end of mile two. 

I knew I was doing okay during the run because at the 2nd mile my time was 27:something.  The last mile was better than I thought, but the last couple blocks were rough. I am thinking I should have eaten some supper as my energy level really plummeted.  Evening races must be funny that way.  You get yourself all worked up during the day to where supper isn’t even appealing, then you go out and run. Running is so very mental.

I thought I was passing out at the finish.  Literally passing out.  As in leaning on husband to get my wind and let the black spots fade.  I only remember feeling that way once before and it is the one time in my life I did pass out.  Crazy the things we do to ourselves.  I felt hot and tired going into it, but as soon as I heard my final time and found out that I beat my goal significantly, the dizziness and exhaustion faded.  Have I mentioned how mental running can be.

Oh, and I have to share this:  To my surprise, my husband meets me just after the last curve (after he had finished) and ran along with me.  He alternated between calmly telling me I could do it,  where the finish “chute” was, etc. and yelling at the top of his lungs so the kids would see their mommy finish.  I was so surprised and pleased, what a man!  And, the entire way home CeeCee and Brie alternated telling me how great I did and that I did it.  It was late by then, perhaps they were just keeping themselves awake?  None the less, it was cute and honestly made me feel like I could run a marathon.

I can not say how good it feels to be able to say I ran a 5K, even though I did walk some (very briskly.)  I plan on doing one a month to keep me at it and to eventually be able to all out run it.  I went into it with a level head and I know that I gave every ounce of me that I had and didn’t wimp out.  Next time, I’ll be seeing my husband at the finish line, he won’t have time to come back for me as I’ll be right on his heels!

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