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seeing double

We are home from vacation, hence the lack on content around here for the last week +

The end of our trip included a couple days in North Carolina with good friends who understand a bit of our life and vice-verca.  Twins are a trip, for better or for worse.   Many people thing it’s all cute matchy dresses and seeing as they are Asian I should watch John and Kate plus 8…or not.  I’ve never watched more than one full episode and instead of cute dresses all the time it is more like double the trouble.   They scheme together to accomplish more than the average child.   I could go on and on, but I won’t. 

It was a great time.  Imagine that, a room with four two year old girls and I didn’t flip out because of noise and what not.  They all did pretty good at sharing, and I have to say the other set of twins get extra credit in my book for taking it all on their turf with their toys…not easy for a two (almost three) year old.    With all that said, it wasn’t easy to snap a photo, though I was tired and didn’t really try hard.   So here it is, seeing double. Well, or us it would be seeing double, for most readers I suppose it would be seeing quadruple?


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