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it’s the only photo I took that day, but it is a nice (but blurry) view of Upper Manhatten from our room


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It pays to have a friend that is a pasty chef!  Spumoni, Red Velvet, Lemon Dream Surprise, Hunky Chunky Banana Love…the family and I cut them up and sampled small bits and wow were they good!  If you have a Gigi’s Cupcakes around you, I want to know how you manage to not gain serious weight.  They were rich, tasty, moist, and they didn’t last long with this crowd.

I am not sure I will have photos posted the next 4 days.  We will be in NYC and I am not sure about internet access.  I promise there will be many photos taken and that when I get back there will be plenty to share!

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straight out of the camera from walking the dog late this afternoon

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75/365 fresh

Is there anything nicer than the first load of wash hanging on the line after a long, snowy winter?  The sheets will be next!

Some things I have cooked or will be cooking this week: chili, chicken gravy, taco meat, greens.   I am sure that somehow I am wanting all this comfort food out of my mind before the nice spring weather settles in.  Things that sound good: lavender lemonade, chicken salad with walnuts and grapes in it, picnics with cold cuts of meat and deviled eggs, and garden fresh veggies!

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74/365 forgotten

some shallot bulbs I missed last year poking up to see the sun

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Someone managed to get a boo-boo today.

I feel like I say this often, but wow has it been crazy around here!  The girls are wore out, I am wore out, and it shows.  Today we started soccer practices.  Jane is the only one doing soccer so that helps, I think.  I can’t help but think it would be nice if they were all in the same thing.  regardless, swim is done and for the most part that will free up some time.  The sun last week had us putting our books aside and accomplishing very little in school.  That is all fine and dandy except that the rain has us feeling sluggish and lazy this week.  Seeing as we are going out-of-town this weekend, I can’t afford for us to get behind and make it up later.  There is where my least favorite part of homeschooling lies.  I rarely have to put my foot down and force the girls to get some work done, but I have had to today. 

So, anyone have any tips for taking two third grade girls to New York City?  We leave Saturday with my mom, her friend and her daughter (close to my age than the girls’), and my sister.   We are looking forward to two days in the city, but are on a tight budget.  The girls’ list: ride the subway, look at the Statue of Liberty, buy an American Girl doll (they have been saving for months), and a museum.  I suppose that isn’t too much to ask.  I have never been, so I am almost as excited as they are and can’t wait to take some photos…I hope it doesn’t rain the entire time we are there!

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73/365 fresh air

it may be cold and the clouds come and go….but the girls love any part of a day that they can be out in the fresh air!

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