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I used to do so much.¬† I was reminiscing over photos this week while making memorial boards and wow were my girls cute babies ūüėĬ† Had to say it, every mom does and every mom means it!¬† While sifting through photos, though, I ran across other stuff.¬† Scans and photos of cards and scrapbook pages…things I made with my own two hands.¬† Not beds I made or meals I made, but artsy crafty fun things!¬† I actually made a business out of it and was featured several times for the company I sold product for (any other former or current Stampin’ Up! demos out there?)¬† I had a downlineof amazing gals, traveled some, and simply enjoyed it.¬† Sigh, I miss it, but wouldn’t trade today for any of it ūüôā¬† Here, share memory lane with me…my kids really were cute…I said that already:

shes always been a swimmer

she's always been a swimmer

Did someone forget to tell her shes supposed to stay little and innocent?

Did someone forget to tell her she's supposed to stay little and innocent?Yeah, that tree was huge, 12 foot once we got it in the stand. I'm a sucker for a huge, fat, citrusy-smelling Christmas tree ūüôā

Dandelions are so fun to play with, especially when mommy knows how to string them into a crown

Dandelions are so fun to play with, especially when mommy knows how to string them into a crown

And,just so you are sure to know my kids do not get their adorable looks from me: 

aside from thinking I was a strange looking kid, I have to say that I have alot of my moms traits when it comes to crafting. Not only did she sew the dress I was wearing, but hers as well!

aside from thinking I was a strange looking kid, I have to say that I have alot of my mom's traits when it comes to crafting. Not only did she sew the dress I was wearing, but hers as well!

Did you notice something, no as in ZERO scans of pages with the twins.¬† While time does dull the memory, I wonder why I didn’t manage to scrapbook or create something, anything the last two years!¬† I know, twin infants, food issues, family, etc.¬† But I just can’t believe I dropped it all and haven’t visited back.

Okay, back to today, laundry, cleaning, many home-cooked meals, and little craft time.

So with the holidays coming up, every starts thinking Christmas cards.¬† I LOVE homemade¬†Christmas cards with a passion.¬† I can describe the ones I made for years in a row, I can tell you about the ones I’ve received, and yet I have an embarrassing confessions.¬† It’s been at minimum two years since I’ve sent cards.¬† I know, I can’t believe it myself.¬† I love Christmas time, I enjoy hearing from family near and far or friends that we barely see anymore.¬† Now for 2006 I have a good excuse (spent Dec. in Vietnam adoption twins), however last year not so much.¬† In a last ditch attempt to get some sort of card in the mail to close loved-ones I purchased cards last year and they STILL didn’t make it out.¬† Yeah, pitiful.¬† I was so close last year.¬† I had cards, a little letter so I wouldn’t feel guilty just signing our names and sending them out, and prints of this photo:


yes, the only way to get photos of them all (including Ilean the dog) required a laundry basket, bacon, and one crazy daddy ūüôā

So to help kick you all in gear, I know you’ll need to print of photos to send in those cards this year.¬† I’m giving away FOUR cards each good for 10 free prints at any HP Photosmart Express Kiosk.¬† You can print some off for in your cards, make a couple photo gifts, scrapbook them, frame them for all I care….just do SOMETHING with them.¬† Otherwise you’ll be like me and have a stack of prints from last Christmas that your thinking of putting in this years cards just because you still have them (along with the twins’ adoption announcements…yeah, 2007 and 2008 have been stellar years for me being on the ball with this type of stuff!)

Contest ends this Friday at noon Eastern time.  Enter only once please and you must have a US address to enter.  To enter, comment on this post and tell me what your favorite Christmas preparation is. 
I’ll start: ¬†I love, love, love when the tree is decorated and it’s time to put the star on, but even better than that is calling grandparents and others to see when I will see family and friends.¬† The pre-hustle and bustle you could say, knowing that soon family will be close and we’ll get to visit for hours.

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Giveaway Winner

According to Random.org, the winner of the Build-A-Bear Giveaway is:

6 Michele in Salem

The one that stands out for me is a chemistry set. That‚Äôs funny because I‚Äôm not at all scientifically inclined, but all of these years later I do love to cook and ‚Äúmix things up‚ÄĚ. I think that‚Äôs what I loved about that gift. What a cool give-a-way!

Michele, email me your addy and I’ll send it right out to you.¬†

On a side note, if I am absent the next few days you’ll have to please excuse me.¬† My Father-In-Law passed away yesterday and this week will be saying goodbye, caring for my Mother-In-Law,¬†and visiting with family.¬†

A couple photos of the man that raised my man, grandfather of my children, and the orneriest person I ever did meet…he will be and already is missed:

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Giveaway- Build-A-Bear

If you were to ask any of my girls what gift they remember from last Christmas it would be the gift certificate to Build-A-Bear.  It was fun to go in and pick out your very own bear (or in the case of the twins, a bunny), have it stuffed, give it a heart, even make your bear roar like a lion if you different like my oldest is!  So, to share my impending excitement over Christmas and want of being prepared early.  Today I am giving away a $10 gift card to Build-A-Bear!

This is not the actual gift card, but I coulsnt resist the Christmas one!

This is not the actual gift card, but I couldn't resist the Christmas one!

$10, that’s it?¬† TRUST ME, that is all my girls had and it was enough.¬† The older two each added maybe $2 to their total (making your bear roar isn’t standard, you know ūüôā

The girls favorite part about their bear was that it came with a birth certificate and an online identity for Build-A-Bearville.com  I admit I was a bit impressed with this site even though we have never let them on a similar sight.  The girls have an online name that they access the community with.  Interaction is from a pre-made list of communications so there is no way for innocents to pass  on personal information.  Lots of games, some of them learn to the side of actual learning, and if you ask my girls it is fun!

I’ll take entries from now until Monday Oct 27th at midnight eastern time.¬†¬†Only one entry per households in the United States only please.¬† No hitting, biting, throwing things or screaming…wait that’s the rules for in the car…sorry!¬†

To enter:¬† Tell me, what was your favorite all-time Christmas gift as a child?¬† I’ll start, I got my first REAL piece of jewelry when I was 9 or so.¬† It was a birthstone ring that I still have today.¬† I wasn’t a normal child.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday along with ANOTHER giveaway, so be sure to check back.

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Giveaway TOMORROW!

After¬†my recent post about preparing ahead for Christmas, I decided I wanted to do more than inspire you.¬† I want to help you prepare for Christmas, the season of giving.¬† As I re-read that post, I have to tell you that I love Christmas even if I may have sounded a bit weird about it.¬† I like to get the tedious (to me) parts out of the way so I can sit back and enjoy.¬† Sure the lights, the food, and the decorations are great.¬† But I absolutely love spending time with family, friends, and people from church.¬† The thought of a Christmas party gets me giddy…yes, I said giddy.¬† People I know and care for gathered together to enjoy each other’s company.¬† I’m not talking your standard office party (unless you happen to work with a great bunch of people that you really care for so much that you look forward to seeing them all AGAIN outside of work hours.)¬† I’m talking the ones that are people sipping coffee by the tree, sharing great stories of gatherings past, etc.¬†

Randomness: My best friend had a party¬†last year that I minimally helped with.¬†¬† She also had one while I was in Vietnam…I thought about them that whole night (day for them) and wishing I was there with the twins.¬† She throws the best parties.¬† Great food, a few fun games, a little skit even!¬† I’m trying to remember, there is always good food at her place, but I know her Carmel Apple Crisp was one thing and I think her White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle was the other (if not it’s just wishful thinking on behalf of my stomach.)¬† Did I ever mention her cinnamon rolls…if not, I should.¬† They are so wonderful that an entire page of my blog should be dedicated to them…they are better than Cinnabons!¬† Okay, enough talk of food.¬† Can you tell I have an awful sweet tooth today?¬† Enough Christmas randomness…I could go on forever and a day.

So, this year, I want to help you get started with a giveaway.¬† Check in tomorrow or the next day, I’ll keep it open for a few days.¬† Just a hint for you too.¬† This was one of my girls’ favorite gifts last year.¬† I would say it is appropriate for ages 2-102 because…well…I’m a tad envious and want one for myself!

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***Winners choosen and notified.  Jennifer, I am getting a return on your email.  Please comment again with the correct email so I can contact you, otherwise your book will have to be re-entered into the drawing!

Have you heard of the Precious Girls Club yet?¬†¬† If not and you have or know a girl in the 4-8 range you might want to comment on this post!¬† I’ll share the details at the end of the post.

If you are like me, you get frustrated at the lack of role models and wholesome toys for girls.  Girls that are past pre-school, but not yet pre-teen are in my mind the hardest to find these things for.  Based on the Precious Moments artwork we all recognize, but updated for todays girls, The Precious Girls Club is a safe virtual world.  The website offers games, quests, and virtual charms to reward good behavior both in the virtual world, but in real-life as well.  Parents have the ability to log-in and reward their daughter with a charm as an incentive for going the extra mile at home.  When girls log-in, their charms are part of a point system, a fun reward for offline behavior.  The Precious Girls Club encourages girls to be just that, precious little girls, in a society where this time in a girls life seems to be shrinking smaller and smaller.

The online Precious Girls Club is based on¬†chapter books.¬† The books are great to read to your girls.¬† I’m not sure how many families do that, but my girls all love to climb into¬†our bed and read.¬†¬†Doesn’t matter if it’s myself or husband, but they all four love to be¬†read to.¬† My 6 year old is particularly enjoying the first book, A Little Bit of Fait.¬† The illustrations are just enough to keep even the twins interested for awhile, but few enough that my 7 year old doesn’t think she is reading a baby book when she sneaks off with it to read ahead.¬†

To celebrate the launching of all of this, I’m giving a few things away.¬† I have ten online access code cards for the Precious Girls Club to give away and because my girls are liking the book so much I’ll also be giving away A Little Bit of Faith with five of those access cards.¬† Ten commenters total will get a package in the mail from my girls and I!¬†

To enter: comment and tell me what is precious about your little girl or little granddaughter or niece or whomever it is that would benefit from this prize.¬† I’ll start¬†with my girls (and their online names for the first time…that took too long didn’t it!):

  • Jane is precious because of her trusting faith
  • Liz is precious because of her tender heart
  • CeeCee¬†is precious because of her contagious giggles
  • Brie¬†is precious because of her cuddly ways


  1. one comment per person, please, on this post only to qualify
  2. offer good for those in the USA only
  3. you (obviously) have to be willing to leave your email addy in the appropriate field and to give me your snail mail addy to recieve your prize (otherwise, how would I get it to you?)
  4. must claim prize within two days or forfeit to my adorable children (kidding, I’ll pick another winner!)
  5. Deadline for entries: Friday, September 26th, 2008 at11:59 PM Eastern time

So what are you waiting for?¬† Time is ticking and Friday will be here soon!¬† Let me know how your girl is precious and I’ll get these things out in the mail.

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