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still here in a sense

Let’s see, it started with me working more and more hours to get my mom through spring banquets and to earn some cash for a Disney trip.  Then there was testing for the girls’ school, finishing up said school for the year, end of swim season (did I post about Jane qualifying for regional?), spring soccer,   and who could forget the cold that would not end and managed to travel through our house 2 people at a time for two rounds (that is about a months worth of illness for those wondering.)  In general life just got so busy that something had to give.  I’d say I was sorry that it was the blog that had to be set aside, but I am not.  My family comes first and I am not ashamed to say it.  It was all a good kind of busy, but it pushed me to my limits.  Here’s some quick takes on where we are at right now:

  • My first trip to our farmer’s market was this past weekend.  My haul: chard, green onions, peas (which the twins helped shell), chicken (whole bird, non-GMO), and my one regret was I did not get any of the rhubarb or strawberries.  They looked so perfect, but I already had berries from the Amish and the only way rhubarb is good is drowning in sweetness.  I love it, the rest of the family is not fond, I end up eating it all….you get the picture.
  • Summer swim has just started and the first meet is this Thursday (at home for any locals that might want to watch.)  Did I ever mention I was not in a single sport in all my growing years.  I sometimes feel like the mom that is clueless, but after a couple of seasons of swim and soccer, I think I am getting into the swing of it.  Speaking of swing, they are also taking a golf clinic next week.  Love that my girls want to be active!
  • Twins will be 4 in a month and a half….FOUR!  No idea yet what we are doing for a party, but hoping for something breezy and fun outside. It’s freaking me out a bit how quickly my girls are growing.  Where is time going?  Jane is going to be ten this winter, someone help me please!!!!
  • Currently, I am not working so much, only three shifts this month that I know of and I like that very much.  The money is nice, but my family is much more fun 🙂
  • Plans for the summer are to relax and “Spring clean” so to say.  With school, swim, etc. there was not much de-cluttering or cleaning going on the first part of this year.  Hoping to take advantage of summer when the obligations are less to get some things done around here.
  • We are helping out a couple of times a week with my grandparent’s garden.  I’ve never done traditional row gardening.  It seems like quite a bit of wasted space and lots of weeding, but I am willing to give it a try.  My square foot garden is planted with herbs, scallions, leeks, peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce.   The row garden out at their place has corn, beans, beets, peppers, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, melons, squash, and cucumbers.  It will be nice to spend time every week with my grandparents and good for the girls and I to learn.

So, yes, I am still here and I hope to have more to post soon.  Here’s a photo to hold you over until then.  Aren’t my girls so beautiful!  A better photo is high on my priorities for the next week or two, but it was a last-minute shot and I love the memories of that evening in the park.


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