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old and new

After months of scrimping on groceries and working a couple parties in December combined with Christmas cash….I bought myself a new camera.  It’s a Nikon D3000 and I am loving it!  While there were higher-end models I would have loved to get, this one stretched me to my dollar limit (and past it just a bit, thanks sweetie!)  It has a guide mode that has been a wonderful help while I learn all the terms and settings. 

In the three days I’ve had it, I have been reading up, trying to get up the nerve to venture out of the auto settings.   The photos above are of Christmas decor in my home.   My good friend came over  one night and helped put a bit of Christmas spirit in the place…it needed it and I was in a rut.  I love these photos, but I see things in them that tell me I have a long ways to grow with my camera. 

One of the best parts, I can take pictures of the girls swimming with no flash and no odd lighting problems.  I took it to practice the other night with the kit lense (18-55mm) and was shocked at how many photos I got.   Our pool has odd lighting, most pools do.  My old point and shoot just would not capture the girls at all.  The best photos I have of them in the water were from my phone and not quality at all.  I can not wait to put my zoom lense on and see what it will do. 

I am thinking long and hard about a 365 project.  I want to learn how to use this camera and know that practice will help greatly toward that end.  However, the last couple months I was lucky to get a post of two finished.  I hate to say I am going to do it only to drop the ball first month in.  Perhaps a once a week deal?  Still thinking on that one.


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Are you tired yet of hearing how busy I am?  Christmas felt like it snuck up on me this year, my cards didn’t go in the mail until the 24th!  Then now we enter the 20 days of birthdays.  I do have plans for the new year.  In fact, I am thinking of doing a 365 project…a photo every single day of the year posted on the blog.  I hate to commit to it, unless I think I can honestly give it a go.  Any ideas for a topic?  So far I am thinking food, touch, and dear… (gotta talk to a friend on that one as she does that on her blog every now and then and it is too funny.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and wonder.!  Celebrating Christ’s birth takes on a new level every year with the girls growing and understanding more and more,

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it’s almost a wrap

quick points or I might never write:

  • trying to see how much I can stash from the grocery budget this month seeing as we have a freezer so full of meat and veggies right now that it almost doesn’t close
  • I want/need a better camera and only have about $100 saved (reason #2 for the above money stashing)
  • it will take awhile as we have about $600 budgeted a month for food/household and just milk and eggs take about $50, TP and other household tend to eat into that a good bit as well
  • the girls decided to continue to swim into the long season, I have mixed feeling on this but am glad they are doing something athletic we are committed to doing only home meets with the exception of one invitational to help alleviate not having a weekend
  • I suck at athletic…the only athletic bone I have in my body is whatever bone it is you balance on for a good boat pose in Yoga
  • this year has flown by faster than any year I can recall, scarily faster…not just a smidge
  • I finally realized that I have to take some time for me at some point in my week without guilt.  Otherwise, I am miserable and cranky and it tends to snowball on along through the whole family.  Thanks to a friend for the nudge in that I am still me even with the house, kids, husband, food, etc and so on.
  • it was three years ago today that we finally held the twins for the first time…three whole years, wow
  • time to do annual post-placement reports for the twins, makes me reflect on our trip three years ago
  • hence crazy dreams where I feel like I am sleeping in Vietnam and the oddly nice but also panicky feeling accompanied with that
  • I’m odd and I know it
  • I enjoyed all the handmade Christmas I did last year, but it just isn’t happening this year.  I can’t seem to keep up (hence the lack fo posts.)
  • the only optional thing I am doing right now is exercise and well, it really isn’t optional at 30 is it.
  • thankfully, I have scored some awesome freebies for Christmas: photo books, photo calendar, and restaurant gift cards as well many other gifts for aroudn 50% off.  I would shop and think okay I have just enough, but go to check out and things I didn’t even know were on sale were or better yet I was able to stack some coupons.
  • a budget of $200 for three kids, each other, 2 small cousins, three niece/nephews, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 moms, a dad, two grandmas, and a grandpa plus teacher/coach types had us a bit worried
  • God is so good, all the time, and real in my life day to day!
  • I want junk food all of a sudden, but am determined to lose weight in December

That is it folks, that is where I am at and where I am going.

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