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selling a house

Hello again 🙂

So, we have been working hard at getting our house ready to sell.  Talk about tough in this economy.  First off, I love my house and I want to move, but  I don’t.  When we purchased it, our house was 600 square feet.  In that 600 square feet were two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and an “eat in” kitchen (not sure how we even fit a table in there to tell you the truth.)  Since then, we expanded by adding a huge eat in kitchen with a bit of bonus space as well as a master suite and laundry room.  That all brought it up to about 1400 square feet.  The upstairs bedrooms are on the small side, but not so bad as we are looking at other houses for sale.  Then there is the location.  As you have gathered from this blog, my girls swim competitively and one of them plays soccer.  This all is based at out YMCA that is literally down the street from us.  Oh yes, and our street is a tree-lined, quiet street, with little to moderate traffic (rarely noisy trucks, etc.) 

So, why would I want to leave the kitchen I designed and the house that my girls can walk to swim from?  We need more space and we can not add more onto it.  The lot is huge (double deep), but with the slope we have done all we can without going to a second story and our foundation isn’t built for that.  What we really need is a school room.  School takes up so much space that we just can not seem to contain it here.  It’s always getting stacked here and stored there.  There are “wants” too.  I would really like the older two to have their own room (don’t even mention it to the twins, they think that sounds scary.)   With schooling at home, it isn’t as if they don’t see each other all day…they DO see each other all day and at age 10 they would like to have their own space.  Besides one is a messy and the other is a neat-freak.

So, if you live in my area and want to buy a well-loved 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home let me know!  If you know of a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom with a study, extra formal room, or whatever that we could use for school…Let me know!


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