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or at least I was with my mom’s help.  I am  pleased with how they turned out, the girls love them and that makes me even happier!

Right before we left I figured found a tutorial (HERE) for a skirt that I really liked.  We just happened to have this Moda and Amy Butler fabric sitting around and a couple scraps that worked well for the waistbands and trim.  I love how they turned out.  It’s not easy finding fun patterns and tutorials for the older two that I like as much as they do.  Why do girls at this age go through such odd tastes in clothing?

There are some big things going on right now around here.  Two family reunions within one week of each other,  end of school/beginning of summer, and the biggy is my parent’s restaurant looks like it will only be theirs for a couple more weeks…good, but scary.  So, mom and I do our sewing up there, guess it is time to make good use of the big laundry room I have and re-vamp it a bit.  Nothing like a kick in the pants to get you to do something you should have done before anyways, right?


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seeing double

We are home from vacation, hence the lack on content around here for the last week +

The end of our trip included a couple days in North Carolina with good friends who understand a bit of our life and vice-verca.  Twins are a trip, for better or for worse.   Many people thing it’s all cute matchy dresses and seeing as they are Asian I should watch John and Kate plus 8…or not.  I’ve never watched more than one full episode and instead of cute dresses all the time it is more like double the trouble.   They scheme together to accomplish more than the average child.   I could go on and on, but I won’t. 

It was a great time.  Imagine that, a room with four two year old girls and I didn’t flip out because of noise and what not.  They all did pretty good at sharing, and I have to say the other set of twins get extra credit in my book for taking it all on their turf with their toys…not easy for a two (almost three) year old.    With all that said, it wasn’t easy to snap a photo, though I was tired and didn’t really try hard.   So here it is, seeing double. Well, or us it would be seeing double, for most readers I suppose it would be seeing quadruple?

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Why do kids have to grow up so fast?  Really, look at this:

We were getting ready for church and everyone ended up in a dress.  They all looked so grown that I had to take a picture…we were late, but I didn’t care. When did this happen.  The twins aren’t so tiny anymore.  And the older two…help someone!

On a side note, these are the closest things to hats I’ve been able to get the twins to wear since we came home from Vietnam.  That winter I would put one on their heads and they would eventually knock them off.  Every since it has been a strict no hat status.  These things stayed on all day, though…even through a nap.  Looking at the pic, I had them a little forward on their not-so-little noggins.  I still am shaking my head, how is it that time is going so fast?

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In their Christmas stockings at Grandma’s this year, the girls found some bath foam.  You know the kind.  It’s a bit like hair mousse, but soap and for kids to play with.  We have had the darndest time trying to get the things to work.  Then the other day it was as if they just broke free…literally.  I could not get the foam to stop.  So I did what any reasonable mother would do and had fun covering the twins.  Fancy hair, a bikini, beards, etc.  They loved it, were screaming at the fun.  Once the crazy things stopped shooting out foam, I just had to take a picture or two.  The photos below are after I lifted it all away from their faces.  They now want to do it every time we get in the tub…every single time. 

No twins were hurt in this process.  I promise I was careful not to get it in their eyes, nose, or mouth.  In fact, I started doing the wall as I was getting a tad clausterphobic just looking at them and they did protest greatly.

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fresh eggs

I love getting farm fresh eggs.  It’s the simple things in life that often give us pleasure and this is just one of them for me.  A gift of a dozen eggs from roaming chickens makes me smile!

My kids love it just as much.  This picture is a bunch my cousin brought by for us.  Aren’t they a lovely range of colors?  From an almost pure white to blue (some with brown speckles) to a soft tan, and then a light brown.  The girls fight over the blue ones when we hard-boil them.  Not sure why, but they are my favorite as well.

If you have never eaten farm fresh eggs (not from a big chicken operation) I must say to you that I am sorry.  We strive to find eggs that are from hens that have access to sunshine, grass, bugs, and the like.  Non-GMO feed is also something big on our list. 

Why?  Two reasons.  The first being that they are healthier than the ones from caged birds.  The second being they just taste better.  The yolks are not a pale yellow, but a bright orange-yellow.  The girls have noticed when we go to restaurants that the scrambled eggs do not look the same…too white and pale. 

It looks good, tastes great, is better for you…what is there to lose?

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a gal can dream

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Forget a basket on the front! This would be fun on market days. Put a kid or two in the back, add market goodies, then head back home.   I love the vintage look.

Thankfully the ride home is mostly downhill.

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much needed haircut

Here is a photo of our little Ilean from around Easter.  It’s an awful picture of her, she would b embarrassed for me to show it I am sure.  Her top-knot is not done properly, she could use a brushing, and that darn reflection that dog eyes get in pictures…regardless, she is a hairy beast.  But when brushed out and with all her head of hair up properly she really is a beautiful dog.  The long hair often hides the fact that she is missing a leg in the back, not that we mind or are trying to hide it.  But without it being so visually obvious, we tend to forget at times.

I should have said above that she was a hairy best.  I’ve thought of doing it for awhile and I do not know what took so long.   She’s adorable, little puppy adorable! 

If it weren’t for some of the same quirks and the missing leg I would wonder if she was the same dog.  I am betting they cut at least one pound of hair off of her.   If only losing weight were just that easy!  And really, what would it take to get the girls to cut their hair.  Imagine how much easier it would be to get everyone out the door, not to mention one less thing to have to fuss with!

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