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We are currently working on finding a curriculum for the girls’ school.  The virtual academy we have been with for the last  couple years has been nice, but it is not working.  Too much of the girls’ time is spent preparing for testing, and not enough comprehensive learning is happening.  They are bored, getting their work done so that it is done.  I want my girls to love learning as much as I do.  I want them to look forward to new subjects, to be able to take extra time on that which captures their interest. and to not know the “rules of standardized test taking” better than the rules of handwriting. 

So it is time, we are going to what some would call a “traditional home school” set-up in our home.  The curriculum that our school had was fairly good, I know we will miss much of it.  The cost of purchasing it, however, is out of the question.  Hence, it is the season for curriculum.  What to do for kindergarten?  Has it really been only four years since we last did K?  How does time go so fast and what did we do that worked that first year? Where should I start at with writing (a subject I feel they are weak on) the grade level they will be in (fifth) or the first so that they do not miss out on anything in the earlier levels?  Which math?  Latin would be nice, but how to fit it in with everything else.  So many questions, and that is just the beginning.  We are starting to fine-tune a plan.  It consumes many of my thoughts.

Speaking of thoughts.  We have decided to list our home and move, though we are still staying in the same city.  That plus curriculum and I feel like my brain has been stretched to its limit.  Thankfully, I am wrong and there are still cells firing strong when it comes time to cook dinner, can jelly, or settle a sisterly spat.  More on the house later as it is a post of its own.

Other random thoughts:

  • 12 days until we are on a beach taking in a bit of therapy sunshine after the long winter…us used loosely as it’s just the girls and I on a trip with my mom and her mom (hooray for grandmas!)
  • daylight savings time messes with me something awful, I still feel a bit off
  • between the last post and this we came down with what I call the coughing crud around here.  It was a 2 week-long illness that knocked you flat and when you finally did come out of it a bit, you had a cough that would not stop.  So glad the last one of us is on the tail end of it.
  • we now have a cat with a bum eye to add to our home (and not, the three-legged dog was not fond at first, but they seem to have worked out a peace agreement in the mean time.)
  • God is so good, all the time…even when I do not see it, looking back I see His hand!
  • warm dirt and fresh veggies are in my not too distant future

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…yet I find myself posting a few tidbits just because.

  • Three girls and a mommy are well, still have one girl sick and now a sick daddy. 
  • No weekend post from daddy.  It was not a good weekend here.  A bloody nose that lasted all day and well into the night (Brie, and it was a nasty one), feverish kids, snot everywhere, cold weather, and just-not-what-you-want-to-do with-your-weekend type weekend.
  • The purse is almost done.  So far I have ripped out one seam twice as well as other odds and ends for a total of over 100 inches ripped.  I used to think patterns were over-priced, now I am liking the idea of a pattern very much.  It is turning out a little larger than I would have liked, but I let my fabric dictate the size.   So far as the fabric goes, I am so pleased with the combo I chose, more so than any project I have done in a very long time.

My resolutions:

  • I am still doing Yoga at minimum once a week (trying to bump it up to two times but everyone keeps getting sick!  Also paying more attention to non-starchy vegetables.
  • The house is slowly getting re-worked.  I am seriously thinking of going all white.  Crazy with all these kids running around, but half the rooms need painted and paint cost less in 5 gallon buckets.  Closets and cupboards are being drastically reduced and a yard sale will be had as soon as the weather breaks.  The laundry plan, I’m still wanting to give it a go, but it hasn’t worked so far.
  • Currently I am reading Galatians, main topic being false teachers.  It is more enjoyable and definitely more relevant to today than I had expected.

How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?

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new banner

I’m still having blog issues, I’m pretty sure it is me.  Regardless, I had this nice crisp photo that I added my blog’s  name to.  As you can see up there, it is all blurry now…sigh.  At least it isn’t snow.  Seeing as how I look out at the trees blowing around like mad, water everywhere, and not a patch of snow to be found, I figured it was time to oust the snow and put up something green.  At least it makes me feel better!

Speaking of feeling better, today is day three of all four girls fevering and being miserable in their own way.  No other symptoms aside from a dry cough, for that I am thankful.   It’s not easy, especially for the twins as they just want me to hold them.  Not much else is getting done around here aside from hugs, movies, and books.  Could be worse, though, it could be one at a time, a week at a time.  That was what January was and so far I’m thinking this is a good trade.

Blueberry pancakes, just because:

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Chapter 3: Daddy versus the Earache
Okay, it’s been a long a week. I am soooooooo glad it’s Friday. What are doing for supper? Grabbing some pizza and heading out to my mom’s and have dinner with her. Sounds good.
3:45 PM- Halfway home from work when I get a call. Jane is complaining of her ear hurting her. Seems to have a low-grade fever. Okay, give her some med’s and we’ll see how she’s doing when I get home.

4:15 PM- I’m home. Jane is acting OK. Ear kind of sore. Still has a low-grade fever. Hospital or not? Hmmm. Let’s try an experiment. I’ve noticed during doctor’s visits that they now ask you to rate pain on a 1 to 10 scale. Let’s see if this works with an 8 year old. “On a scale of 1-to-10, with 10 being the most ouchiest, icky-bad-bad pain you’ve ever had and 1 being not really hurting at all, what number is your pain?” Blank stare……….followed by a blank stare. Okay, experiment FAILED. Let’s just keep an eye on her and go from there.

5:15 PM- Out at my mom’s. I eat 1, repeat, 1 bite of pizza. “Daddy, my ear REALLY HURTS!” Okay, well, that decides it. To the emergency room we go! Load up everyone (“IT HURTS, DADDY, IT HURTS!”) and head in town. From this point until about 8 PM, I was serenaded with “Owwww, owwww, owwww, it hurts, it hurts!” Which did, must admit, interject a thought into my swiss-cheesed mind, “Why, God, out of all of us, did it have to be the one pre-disposed to whininess!?!?!?!”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The funny thing with Jane, is that she has only had Amoxicillin once before in her life and that was when she was about 3 or 4, and it was her first earache. Since then, she has complained about 3-5 times about her ear feeling funny or sore, but then it goes away and she never mentions it again. This, I consider, a HUGE blessing. CONTINUE THE STORY.

5:30 PM- At local hospital, parking lot is not full. Hopefully there won’t be too long of a wait. I can just imagine Jane sharing her distress with the whole Emergency Room for an hour! But hey, squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?

5:45 PM- Miracle of miracles, Providence has seen fit to have an empty waiting room. We were ushered to a bed in the back, given paper work, and the doctor just left. I haven’t even finished writing my address down on the paper. I’m in shock, but pleased. Jane, for some reason, has become edgy and is jumpy at every movement and noise. She is scared to death that they’ll do something painful to her. The nurse went to put a pulse reader on her finger, and Jane shook as it went on. Then they put the thermometer in her mouth, and she looked both confused and offended. (EXPLAINATION: We use an ear thermometer at home, and have for as long as she remembers.) She had no idea what the nurse was explaining about “under the tongue”. So, the nurse wisely ditched that for a forehead thermometer, which made her jump, but got the job done.

The doctor looked in one ear, then the achy one, and said, “Yep, it’s infected.“ He’d go and write us the prescriptions and we’d be on our way. I finished the paperwork and went to the desk to give it to the nurses. Jane opted to go with me (didn’t want to be alone, even for 30 seconds) and hid behind me as I handed over the papers.

6:15 PM- At Wal-Mart, getting the prescriptions filled. Hopefully there’s enough different stuff here to keep Jane distracted (the serenade continues). It’ll be about 20 minutes, no problem.

6:40 PM- Prescription not done yet, Jane whiny and tired. Wants to go to the car with Mommy and lay down. Fine, I’ll wait here. Oh, and we shopped, so I have to wait, while holding the groceries and a pink yoga mat (for the misses).

6:50 PM- Still waiting, still holding the pink yoga mat, for which I got 2 compliments for from old school friends who just happened to pass by. What timing.

7:00 PM- The pharmacy couldn’t find Jane or me listed on the prescription insurance website and so they called the doctor and got his okay to switch to generics. Don’t know why I’m not in there, but by now, I’m past ready to go, so I’ll pay the $12 (thank God for generics).

7:15 PM- Had a fiasco trying to get some stamps and ended not getting them, but getting my money refunded. Go figure. More compliments on my pink yoga mat. FINALLY out the door. Get to car. Get in. My wife says, “Jane, tell Daddy what happened after we came out here.” “Daddy, I laid down and some water came out of my ear and it feels all better!”

THE MORALE OF TODAY’S STORY:   Heck if I know.  I feel like spinning the “Wheel of Morality” from the Animaniacs! 





Torn, torn I was, between being glad she’s feeling better and frustrated I just wasted 2 hours of my life. Since then, no complaints from Jane about her ear. Somebody out there want to explain that to me? What was that all about? Water stuck in your ear can cause extreme pain? Doctor diagnosing it as an ear infection? I just can’t figure it. I can’t figure out why there’s an adventure every weekend, either. At least the pink yoga mat is out of my hands.


Side Note:  On totally different topic, we went to Red Lobster today.  I never thought of myself as a “food snob”, and I’m not honestly sure what one is, but Trying Traditional has affected my taste buds.  Everything tasted salty.  The cheddar biscuits, which used to be an all-time-favorite, were so salty, I could barely eat one.  Everything but the salmon, which tasted bland!  I’d take my wife’s any day!

As a bonus to today’s episode, I’d like to include a little video I took about a year ago entitled “The Silly and The Stinky”.  (I was trying for that whole “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” thing from Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns.)  Notice, if you will, Ci-Ci’s, on the right, growing look of consternation/constipation.  Enjoy.

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feeling better

Such high and lofty goals for last week…struck down premature by a fever and a husband out of town.   I have a hard time recognizing when I need to ask for help, last week I asked.  My parents brought some food over after I had emptied the fridge and resorted to ordering pizza.  Thankfully, Forest came home on Friday before the snow hit too hard and life is back to ” normal” (what is that anyway?)

So, here, as promised is the beginnings of my clean out.  I am half finished with the closet.  I didn’t take before pics, but I have gotten this far so consider these during:

My shirts have been sorted into needs to be thrown into the rag pile, given to others, and keeps.  When I was done with this, I later went through and turned the ones I still wasn’t sure about around (as in hung from the back of the bar.)  That way if a few months go by in the proper season and they still are turned I know that it is time to give them away.  I also sorted through some stuff that was just sitting around.  The shelf above my shirts is mainly pictures/frames.  I plan on using these in my living room and office when all is said and done.

I still have a ways to go, though:

The step ladder isn’t usually there.  We use it to slip stuff up into the attic (for example the Christmas stuff on the floor.)  Our shoes need sorted through in a bad way as do dress pants and dresses.  All in time.

Then there is the living room.  It’s small and was arrange awful with hand-me-down furniture.  Well, it still is small and still has hand-me-down furniture, but I’m working with what I’ve got here.  Looking at the photos I’m thinking it needs a fresh coat of paint and a better ceiling…and different carpet and better trim….and new curtains with a fresh coat of paint on the front door as well.  It all takes time and money, though, and this is what I’ve got to work with (see, I keep telling myself that.)


Pretty bad and pretty small (ignore camera hungry kids still in PJ’s.)   I emptied the room except for of the futon (I really dislike futons, but it’s furniture and it is on loan from my sister.)  All toys did not return including the shelf they were “on.”  They will now be in the office.  I should note, this is all part of the original house.  It’s a 1940’s ranch that was 600 aq ft when we bought it (before kids.)  This is the living room and you can see into the older two’s bedroom that is a bit smaller than the living room.  The kitchen was even smaller than that, followed by bedroom number two, and finally the bathroom being the smallest, though fair sized for it’s age.  I would love to knock out the wall between the office (old kitchen) and the living room, but Forest keeps saying something about support walls and the roof for the addition we put on (we as in my Grandpa, dad, and a few guys at church minus the foundation that we hired out.)  It’s been a great starter home, I’m ready to move on…college loans dictate no.  I’m dealing by trying to use what I have to make it my own.

So here is the after:


That last photo was taken with me sitting on the futon holding the camera up to the corner of the room.  Now, keep in mind, I realize my furniture is not the right scale for the room, but it was in our budget (free or on loan.)  None of it coordinates and the only piece I am really even fond of is the one two of the girls are sitting on (though I’d like to paint the legs.)  The recliner is huge and it rocks so it just doesn’t fit.  It is going to have to go eventually.  The futon also is huge, not my style, but at least it is comfortable.  My sister needed a place to store it when we needed a couch.  I’d love to get one of those cute IKEA couches that have washable slipcovers.  But it just isn’t in the budget.  Time to focus on the positives. 

  • There is more floor space and it is easier to walk through the room. 
  • I plan on cutting off the bottom portion of the shelf and painting it so it is more my style and hopefully with paint I have on hand.
  • I have tons of photos of the kids, the only art I have.  They will be arranged in frames and hung to help give the room some “finish”
  • No more mass amount of toys at the front door!

It should be easy to come up with some cash to paint the doors and wall, I think I have enough on hand for trim.  New curtains would be nice.  I’m actually thinking of making Roman shades out of the ones there in a color/fabric that I like and getting rid of the sheers.  That is all do-able.

So while I feel better with the start on the living room, the next project up (I’ll actually start this one as I am finishing the last two) is the office (old kitchen.)  Why you ask?  Because that is where all the toys went to:


Yeah, I need serious help,  this is the room we walk through to get from the kitchen (down those three steps) to the living room/girls’ bedrooms.  Thankfully, Forest is home and I’m able to work on all this piece by piece.  I’ll update as I go.

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under the weather

Jane and I are under the weather.  We are taking an echinacea, mint, and nettle tincture as well as broths and keeping warm.  Swollen glands, runny nose, slight fever…it all is slowing me down.  Who is going to soak grains then rinse and dry them, who will keep up with the rotating out of summer clothes, who will plan meals, watch the budget, and teach school.

Oh yeah, life keeps moving even when mom is sick…thankfully I have a husband who isn’t afraid to dig in and get his hands dirty.  Hopefully I can sneak a nap in here and there and I’d better be feeling good by Monday as my garage is smelling like a cider house in preparation for apple day!

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I have a clothesline, thanks to my dear friend’s husband.  It’s wooden supports are study, the new green line is strung and secure.  Now I need some tips for line drying.

What do you do to help keep things from being so stiff?

Anything to help prevent wrinkling?

I have a little clothespin bag I am sewing and will photograph when I am done seeing as the missing camera has been found!  I had to stop the project, though, due to illness….food poisoning I’m thinking.  This post is the most work I’ve gotten done in the last day, but I’m on the mend and hope to have photos up soon as well as my husbands market report (isn’t he sweet for going in my place!)

All tips on line-drying are welcome and encouraged!

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