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59/365 details

I could tell you the details of my busy, long, but rather boring day…but I won’t.  Instead, I will share a detail shot of an old piece of furniture.


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love watching this guy

Did the indoor triathalon today, finished within 3 out of 4 personal goals.  Then had to head out to work tonight.  A long, but good day.

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57/365 new pan

It has been a year now, maybe two, that I have been cooking in a wok when I needed a skillet.  It’s amazing what you can do in a wok, but an oven safe, stainless steel, deep, 12″skillet….I think I am in love!  It isn’t the best photo, but I was in a hurry.  I work a split today (so no cooking in my new skillet today.)  However, I did want to share my excitement with you all and get a photo up before really late at night.

Regarding the indoor triathlon I posted about.  I did sign up and it is tomorrow morning.  I’m nervous, but I really want to know that I can do it.  I suppose it is like the 5K last year.  I have no aspirations of winning, I just want to complete it and hopefully not come in last!

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56/365 pretty bird

I finally got a decent shot of our cardinals that frequent our bird-feeder.   Couple that with my amazing mother-in-law taking the two kids that weren’t napping for a couple hours and I got to play around with my camera and do some post-processing.  I must say, though, I am a fan of straight out of camera photos.  Don’t get me wrong, photography is an evolving art, especially with all the post-processing options out there.  Me, I prefer to capture the memory.  That is why I take photos.  The cardinals this year have looked so beautiful and promising against all the snow we have.  Not to mention they sing such a pretty song for us each and every day.  That is why I wanted a photo, to capture that memory and to be able to share a piece of it later down the road.

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I forgot to put in the feet, that makes me sad.  It did still gel, though, and that makes me happy.  With the feet it likely would have stood at attention for a photo!  Regardless, it made some wonderful turkey noodle soup.  I added spinach and mushrooms this time trying to up the non-starchy contents and will do this from now on, the soup was absolutely delicious.   I made the entire pot of stock into 6 quarts of soup without noodles.  I will freeze part and when ready to serve throw in a couple handfuls of broken-up Tinkyada brown rice fettuccine noodles.  Makes for a quick, nourishing meal.

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That is where you will find me, behind the lens.  I am past the 50 day mark on this project!   I was tired of my old self-portrait and decided to take a new one today.  The photo was cropped and that is it…no enhancing or slimming (though I would like to, lol!) 

I have been trying the last couple days to snap a photo of our resident male cardinal.  He sings us such a beautiful song every morning, and is so pretty against the white snow, but the rascal moves every time I have a shot lined up.  It’s like he knows and it is a game we are playing.

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the anticipation, waiting to see exactly what happens…love moments like this!

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