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new banner

I’m still having blog issues, I’m pretty sure it is me.  Regardless, I had this nice crisp photo that I added my blog’s  name to.  As you can see up there, it is all blurry now…sigh.  At least it isn’t snow.  Seeing as how I look out at the trees blowing around like mad, water everywhere, and not a patch of snow to be found, I figured it was time to oust the snow and put up something green.  At least it makes me feel better!

Speaking of feeling better, today is day three of all four girls fevering and being miserable in their own way.  No other symptoms aside from a dry cough, for that I am thankful.   It’s not easy, especially for the twins as they just want me to hold them.  Not much else is getting done around here aside from hugs, movies, and books.  Could be worse, though, it could be one at a time, a week at a time.  That was what January was and so far I’m thinking this is a good trade.

Blueberry pancakes, just because:


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