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Do you like the new header?  I thought it was time for something a bit more professional looking…you know I didn’t make it!  keep reading… 

Work on the store has taken a fair bit of what free-time I have had this week.  Free-time that seemed to be near nothing with working a couple shifts and a big family get-together.  However, I am hoping for an opening date of April 15th for ready-made designs (though, I can do custom designs at any time.)  I will be starting with the knot apron dresses, a new halter top or dress that I’ve designed myself,  and hopefully some Minnie Mouse-type dresses (working on that one today!)  I am so anxious to be able to have items ready to go as well as beautiful photos to go with them.  Photography for me is not much better than the graphics, but I am learning!

Unfortunately, the couple computer classes I took back in college are, well, nearly useless now.  In doing this venture along with remembering the past blog heading nightmares, I finally decided I needed help, big time, in anything graphic design related.  Enter Jenna at Serendiptiy Designs.  I knew Jenna from our wait for the twins, when she was also waiting to adopt her beautiful daughter.  She has been patiently working with me on a blogheader, store banner, and even little avatars with my new mascot.

Yes, I now have a mascot.  It wasn’t an easy thing to pick, either.  Seriously, I have four little girls, two of which have been talked to about the shop and who would have loved to have been a visual presence (their grand plans involved flowers, castles, fair wings, rope, the ceiling fan, and more.)   So then I went to thinking just words would be fine, maybe a flower, but then what to name the shop.   I got Forest involved in the process, he was quick to eliminate my odd-ball ideas and point me in the right direction.  Round and round I went trying to figure it all out when suddenly it clicked.

I think I am in love, meet iLean:


iLeanis a pesky little pup at times, but so fluffy and full of love. Her name may be a bit of a tease, but with only three legs she does tend to, well, lean.

My poor little dog ends up being an inspiration, big old baby that she is!  She will be a cute little presence for my shop and blog, so if you see her in the comments know that she is there on my behalf.   

I am working right now on a portfolio of sorts.  In the next few days I plan to have styles and pricing all spelled out in black and white on a new tab way at the top.  If you are interested in custom designs let me know as I am flexible, but am not afraid to tell you that my skills are not there yet if you request something outside of my abilities.   My goal is to bring you high-quality, custom creations.  If you want to know more, my etsy store has shop policies in place.  Also, keep looking here as I will be announcing all shop listings here as well.  I am pretty sure you can subscribe to a feed (forgive me if I am saying this wrong, I am still trying to figure out feeds and readers) both here and at iLean.

Phew, lots to do plus still cooking (Vietnamese meatballs this week as well as stew and roasted chicken) and homeschooling.  Multiplication was easy, but division is giving us a few stumbling blocks…pretty soon it will click.


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(just to calm any fears, joys, etc. that anyone may be having…no we are not adopting again…so far it is just the six of us and one crazy spoiled ShihTzu)

I LOVE my clothesline.  If I only used it for sheets I would still be happy, but it gets more use than that.  My dear, dear friend and I talked forever about getting a clothesline in our yards.  When she called to tell me her husband was making one for both of us, I squealled…and I am not the type to squeal. 

So imagine, the other morning, the neighbors seeing me out putting clothes on the line on a cool winter morning.   But wait, what the heck is their odd neighbor up too?  Those clothes are not wet.  They are bright and springy, fresh and stylish…not her usual  laundry line digs.  Now she is taking pictures, yeah, she’s finally lost it.  All those hours in the winter cooped up with her kids finally did her in.

It was too nice not to.  I put the kids in front of a movie to keep them out of the muddy back yard. (Of course, it didn’t work, they were at the back door wondering why I was allowed to go out in the muddy yard.)  I hung the dresses, fixed the knots just so, and took a few shots in the natural light.  Don’t they look so pretty!  So here is the news:

I am opening a shop on etsy, I have fabric on order, the countdown is on! 

It won’t be hundreds of dresses and tops, but enough to keep me sewing (my new therapy that doesn’t kick my butt like yoga…which I’m still doing and still hurting.)  I will take custom orders for specific pieces.  I will work with farics I love to place ready-to-wear pieces online for sale.  I will work with fabrics you love to make pieces for your loved ones.   It is still in the planning stages, but I have a name (inspired by Ilean the dog) and I will announce here when it is open for business!

Ok, deep-down inside, I am nervous and a bit scared about it.  It’s outside my norm, but I can’t wait to get started!  All that to say, be nice.  I am already doubting myself, but pushing through anyhow.

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