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(just to calm any fears, joys, etc. that anyone may be having…no we are not adopting again…so far it is just the six of us and one crazy spoiled ShihTzu)

I LOVE my clothesline.  If I only used it for sheets I would still be happy, but it gets more use than that.  My dear, dear friend and I talked forever about getting a clothesline in our yards.  When she called to tell me her husband was making one for both of us, I squealled…and I am not the type to squeal. 

So imagine, the other morning, the neighbors seeing me out putting clothes on the line on a cool winter morning.   But wait, what the heck is their odd neighbor up too?  Those clothes are not wet.  They are bright and springy, fresh and stylish…not her usual  laundry line digs.  Now she is taking pictures, yeah, she’s finally lost it.  All those hours in the winter cooped up with her kids finally did her in.

It was too nice not to.  I put the kids in front of a movie to keep them out of the muddy back yard. (Of course, it didn’t work, they were at the back door wondering why I was allowed to go out in the muddy yard.)  I hung the dresses, fixed the knots just so, and took a few shots in the natural light.  Don’t they look so pretty!  So here is the news:

I am opening a shop on etsy, I have fabric on order, the countdown is on! 

It won’t be hundreds of dresses and tops, but enough to keep me sewing (my new therapy that doesn’t kick my butt like yoga…which I’m still doing and still hurting.)  I will take custom orders for specific pieces.  I will work with farics I love to place ready-to-wear pieces online for sale.  I will work with fabrics you love to make pieces for your loved ones.   It is still in the planning stages, but I have a name (inspired by Ilean the dog) and I will announce here when it is open for business!

Ok, deep-down inside, I am nervous and a bit scared about it.  It’s outside my norm, but I can’t wait to get started!  All that to say, be nice.  I am already doubting myself, but pushing through anyhow.


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Yesterday and today, my mom and I have been sewing.   We went to the big city (not just a big city, but The big city around these parts) on Friday to see what we could find.  We left with enough fabric, patterns, and trim to make 11 items, plus I have two items at home that I am working on.  Here is our progress:

  •  2 Easter dresses for the older two, needs elastic in casing and they are then they are done…can’t wait to share these!
  • 2 apron dresses for a fellow twin mom and friend, bodice is complete and skirts are coming together nicely, will be done today
  • 4 dress-up dresses (Tink is done, Ariel and  2 Minnie Mouse are cut, but not sewn)
  • 3 summer dresses are cut and one 75% done
  • 2  nightgowns cut, but not sewn (when the twins ask Grandma for something, she delivers!)

It sounds odd and incomplete, but we are doing what we can to not waste steps and get it done (in the end) in less time.  For instance, our machine’s are similar so one machine is the strictly white thread machine and the other we change out threads if need be.  We cut out everything all at once while we were in pattern and rotary cutter mode.  The Tink dress got done first as we are using the same pattern for two other dresses out of nicer fabric and wanted to check sizing….no time for making a muslin! 

Talking Tink, we used the Miss Lily pattern (which is on sale now!) that I really am liking and altered the sleeve to make it a mock spaghetti-strap style dress out of a shimmery green cotton we found.  Add to that the sparkly green sheer leaves and you have a very cute and more importantly, comfortable Tinkerbell dress. 

Today I look for us to have this as a finished list:

  • Tink
  • 2 Easter dresses
  • 2 apron dresses
  • 3 summer dresses
  • 2 Minnie Mouse dresses

I don’t expect to get Ariel done today as it will be an very involved dress (plackets, contrast panels, zipper, peplum, and star fish applique.)  Yeah, this one is a ball-gown style and fancy for my oldest.  Also, the nightgown’s are low on the priority list, so while they will not take long, they will likely be last….it’s too chilly to wear cute nightie’s right now anyhow.

To those that made it to the bottom of this post: I must guess that you are either an avid sewer, good friend, or trying to avoid doing something else.  I congratulate you for reading the Tale of Two Days and would award you some fabric scraps if the girls hadn’t already made plans for them.

***right before publishing this post my mom called and she has come down with the flu!  She kept getting chilly yesterday and was tired, but this morning she is in bed sick : (  Wish me luck, I’m still going to go tackle what I can, though that “finished” list above, will likely be cut in half.

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