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This little halter dress I am quite proud of for several reasons:

  1. the print is really great with very rich colors (hard to see in my poor photos)
  2. it is my own design, no pattern
  3. the entire thing was completed in about an hour and a half
  4. total cost $0.00!

I did not buy a thing to make this dress, it wasn’t even things found in my stash.  The fabric was from my Aunt, the thread and bias tape trim was picked up during trips to my grandma’s house, and the elastic was in my mom’s box of trim and notions.  Free! 

I like these type of instant gratification projects.  Dresses that drag on for a few days will sometimes wear at my (lack of) patience.   I have plans for another already in the works…pink Scottie dogs trimmed in a home-made bias tape (tan and pink paisley)  for anyone who has perused my stash or remembers projects on my blog.

Pics of Minnie Mouse-type dresses, Tinkerbelle dress, and an Ariel wedding dress coming in near future.  (That is, after a trip to the fabric store for more eyelet and the completion of a certain star-fish.)

It is so hard to get the twins to take a decent no-flash photo with my automatic camera.   The natural light shows the rich colors better, but then it does also show the creases I didn’t get ironed out…oops.  Photographing clothing just isn’t that easy, anyone have any tips?


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